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Classroom Needs
Help us provide the funds to buy the items needed to maximize the learning experience for our special needs kids.
Your donation buys the SmartBoards, Large Screen Monitors, TV's, Headphones, and Educational Software that will truly enhance and improve the daily experience of our students.  
Field Trips
Help us provide the funds so our kids can experience Museums, Amusement Parks, Zoos and the Ocean Institute.
Your donation provides transportation, supervision, ticket costs and food.  

Become a Bronze, Silver, or Gold CTCN!

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Choose to make a monthly donation and become a Bronze CTCN, a Silver CTCN, or a Gold CTCN! 
In the future, you will be among the first to hear about our events and receive the latest CTCN gear! 


A student in our community suffers from an auditory disability. Cognitively she has no problems but it is very difficult for her to hear her teachers in class. There exists a device which this student can carry from class to class with her. Her teachers puts a small microphone on their lapel and the student places the device on her desk and plugs in her headphones. The amplified lecture makes learning easier for this students and the small microphone and headphones do not detract from the learned of any of her fellow classmates. This device, however, costs many thousands of dollars and, as a percentage of the overall special education budget, is impractical for her school to purchase for her. This is exactly the type of thing The CTCN Foundation aims to be able to provide for students in need. We need your help to be able to provide the tools and the experiences to those who need them most in our communities.  
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