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Our mission  is very simple: to raise money for Special Needs children in our communities. We have identified many areas in which simply having more money to go around can help enrich the lives of those Special Needs children who need it the most.  We believe in facilitating communities Coming Together for Children in Need and, further, that it is the duty of every citizen of every community to Come Together for those attempting to overcome the greatest hurdles among them.


The money we raise will be used to help our kids in two different ways.  First, we want to provide the funds needed for field trips.  We want our special needs students to be able to visit Disneyland, the Ocean Institute, the San Diego Zoo, The Getty Museum and anywhere else that their teachers and aides think will be both enjoyable and educational.  Because field trips can result in greater achievement in all subject areas, we believe investing in them for our Special Needs children is a worthwhile and often-underfunded cause.


Second, we want to provide funds to pay for capital educational needs.  Smart whiteboards, large touchscreen computer monitors, televisions, and educational software are just some of the items that will help our kids. Often these items are simply not in the budget for Special Education Programs, despite being identified as equipment likely to aid significantly in the advancement and enrichment of the Special Needs Children.   


The CTCN Foundation has created a way for people to be able to make tax-deductible donations to the children of greatest need in their own communities.  Too often charitable donations go straight to some corporate center in New York with only pennies on the dollar making its way back to the community in which it was donated.  We pledge to put the money raised locally back into the communities from which they came to help make each day  better for our neighbors and their kids.  

Our mission is to provide the outlet for our community to come together for the children dealing with the greatest challenges. These children and their families have been dealt some pretty tough cards including Downs Syndrome, Mental Retardation, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy and a host of other debilitating medical conditions.  With your help, we can begin to achieve our goal of making every day a great day for our kids.  

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